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by Nicolas Quintairos August 26, 2020 5 min read

This is a list of 10 Sustainable Brands found right here at home in Florida. Our purchase decisions truly matter. The more we support sustainable brands like the ones on this list, the faster the bigger corporations will get the message that they have to give back to the environment if they want to grow their businesses and their bottom line.

1. Twenty5Degrees

Products that help the environment in Florida

This brand is on the rise, Restoring the Tropical Seas, one mangrove at a time.
10% of each sale is donated to one of the chosen non-profit partners which mainly focuses on planting mangroves, fighting ocean plastic and restoring coral reefs.
Choose from a trucker hat or a straw hat and if that’s not your thing, the stickers are nautically gnarly.
Bonus, you can subscribe and help plant a mangrove tree for free.

2. Tampa Maid Foods, LLC

Sustainable food brands in Florida

Photography Credit: Tampa Maid Foods
Since 1974, beginning as a small shrimp packer in Tampa, Tampa Maid Foods is in the business of sourcing, processing and marketing high-quality food products, specializing in coated products.
(Everyone loves them some breaded fish!)
Their sustainable food supply focuses on the preservation of natural resources of wild-caught species, and ensuring that aquaculture indefinitely continues without harm to the environment. 
Out of the tens of ways this brand practices sustainability, they recycle corrugated goods and paper goods and in over 4 years, 1700 tons were recycled, saving 30,124 trees.

3. Two Docks Shellfish

Two Docks Shellfish are water-men and farmers dedicated to the regional agriculture and maritime traditions they feel privileged to work in.
Shellfish aquaculture in itself is a sustainable and green industry. Shellfish harvest helps to improve sediment quality and the overall health of the ecosystem in which they occupy. Also, shellfish farming and restoration is critical to get more oysters, clams, and mussels in the water for food, jobs, and ecosystem services.
With this in mind, Two Docks Shellfish is a much needed sustainable aquatic brand located in Tampa Bay Area and beyond and offers high quality products for pickup or home delivery.

4. Amavida Coffee and Tea

The only Certified B Corp in Florida in the coffee industry, Amavida Coffee and Tea distinguishes themselves as a sustainable brand operating many cafes in the panhandle.
They promote fair buying practices and work to ensure that partnering farming communities are being properly cared for and educated. On their website, you will find educational how-to videos and more information on coffee and how to decrease your disposable coffee cup waste in the world.

5. The Spillover

Sustainable Dining in Miami

Photography Credits: The Spillover / Kush Coconut Grove

More sea-to-table than farm-to-table, The Spillover is one of three sister restaurants by Lokal, the first restaurant in Miami to use 100% clean, renewable energy sourced from wind and solar power.
Located in the Coconut Grove neighborhood, owner Matt Kuchar challenges the status quo by sourcing local ingredients – all the seafood is caught daily in Florida waters.
Other sustainable elements include repurposed and recycled materials in the restaurant decor, as well as wall murals and paintings by local Miami artists.

6. Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park Sunset

Photography Credit: National Parks Organization

The Everglades National Park makes our list as one of the only self-sustaining ecosystems in South Florida. A couple of decades ago, congress passed CERP (Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan) to restore, protect and preserve 18,000 square miles of land over 16 Florida counties.
Fun Facts:
One in every three Floridian relies on the everglades for their water supply.
The Everglades is home to 73 endangered species.
The Everglades is also the only place where the American Alligator and American Crocodile co-exist.
How You Can Help: You can always donate to the Everglades foundation, or join their team of conservationists and help request an annual commitment of $200 million in federal funding for Everglades restoration.

7. MANG®

MANG Clothing, Sustainable Clothing Brands

Photography Credit: MANG® 
MANG® is one of our favorite sustainable apparel brands since it is their mission to change the world, “one mangrove at a time.” For every product sold, MANG® plants a mangrove to restore and preserve coastal ecosystems in Florida and across the globe. 
Twin brothers Kyle and Keith Rossin began the company in 2015, and they don’t just donate to mangrove restoration, they actually grow mangroves in their nursery and lead planting expeditions in the U.S. and beyond. The brothers are also committed to educating the next generation of Mini MANGs, partnering with school systems and surrounding communities to lead volunteer planting missions and see the effect of mangrove forests first hand. 
MANG’s director of sustainability, KJ (aka, Momma MANG), is helping decrease their environmental footprint by eliminating all single-use plastics in manufacturing by early 2021. Currently, they are getting ready to roll out 100% compostable packaging, as well as new lines of fully organic cotton and hemp apparel.  

8. Wynwood Tribe

Fashion with a Social Mission

Photography Credits: Wynwood Tribe
Wynwood Tribe is a platform for sustainable and conscious brands from all around the world, and they are located locally in Miami. Each brand on the website is separated by whether it’s handmade, organic, recycled, supported charities, and sustainable among many others.

Their goal is to help you dress to impress while supporting economic growth to small communities, charities, and the environment.

We recommend the Caribana headbands for the ultimate Summer look!

9. Fleet Farming

Fleet Farming is a non-profit urban agriculture program that is all about turning the average american lawn into a bio-verse, micro farms and edible gardens.

Their mission is to help generations grow their own food and to also increase local food accessibility.

Currently, American meat travels an average of 1,500 miles from farm to table which involves fossil fuel use during food production and transportation. Meanwhile, lawns are actually the biggest source of pollution in the U.S., absorbing million tons of chemical fertilizers and 30-thousand tons of pesticides each year. So, Fleet Farming transforms American lawns into sustainable farm plots with produce sold to local vendors within a 5-mile radius.

Ways to Get Involved: volunteer, attend their free events, upgrade your lawn, apply as an intern, or volunteer! All information is on their website.

10. Off the Hook Florida

Off the Hook Florida - Fighting Ocean Plastic

Photography credits: Off the Hook Florida
Each and every day, millions of people enjoy taking part in exciting activities that involve our vast oceans. Off the Hook is working to fuel those who have a passion for the water to get out there as frequently as possible. The ocean is filled with excitement, adventure, and peace. It’s a place to get away from the everyday realities we all face.
Without a clean ocean, many of the things we enjoy about our oceans won't be possible. The meaning of OffTheHook is to be free, and we can’t be free unless we deal with the issues and impact of plastic pollution. They want to inspire you all to #keepitoffthehook, and also keep our trash #offthesea.

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